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Hellenic Granite Co. was established in 1989, at Ypaton, Thebes. The company is involved in the trade, production and processing of decorative stones in slabs, standardized dimention products and special, custom-made products. We operate a 10.000 sq. m. state-of-the-art, vertically integrated granite and marble processing unit located on 8.6 acres of privately owned land. 

Hellenic Granite Co. procures granite raw materials from around the world (S. Africa, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Spain, Portugal, India, Norway, Finland, China), as well as ready-made granite products from India and China. It also imports and processes blocks and ready-made products from select varieties of marble and other rocks available on the international market. 

To provide better services to its customers in Crete, Northern Greece and the Balkans, the company has established a branch in Thessaloniki since 1997 and a branch in Crete since 2013, with its own sales network and warehouses which offers the entire range of Hellenic Granite Co. products, and are independently capable of meeting all large or specialized market requirements.

Since 2004, Hellenic Granite Co. has also been involved in the trade of artificial decorative stones (quartz and cultured marble), which represents a new  international market trend. The company has created important partnership agreements with leading international firms; among the most important is the exclusive supply to the Greek market of Hanstone products, manufactured by Hanwha, the well-known South Korean company and the products of the Italian company SANTAMARGHERITA. 

Lastly, in 2000, within the framework of its international pursuit of products and partnerships, Hellenic Granite Co. acquired Finnish quarry company Granicon Oy, which owns and exploits more than four quarries producing internationally popular and highly sought after granites, which are exported to a number of international destinations (China, India, Italy, Spain, Russia, Egypt, etc.).
Hellenic Granite Co. products are used in a wide range of domestic applications (kitchen and bathroom surfaces, staircases, kitchen and bathroom revetments, fireplace revetments, as well as other types of revetment used in numerous indoor and outdoor areas).  They also cover an unlimited number of professional applications (commercial stores, bank and other industry branches, office buildings, malls, super markets). They are also used for revetments installed on large and famous buildings at some of the most central locations in large cities in Greece and the Balkans. Finally, Hellenic Granite Co. products have made their mark and remain a top choice when it comes to large projects (airports, metro and suburban railway stations, museums, public buildings, etc.).

Hellenic Granite Co. products are used by large and smaller marble processing units (its client list includes over 1,500 businesses of all sizes, both in Greece and abroad), as well as large domestic and foreign construction companies.
Since its establishment, the company has facilitated the extensive use of granite in Greece, since the large quantity of its products and extensive domestic production has made granite affordable to Greek consumers. The company remains a leader in this expanded market, with a corporate vision which focuses on maintaining and improving its competitive advantages, some of which are listed below:

•  The excellent quality of raw materials ensured by the company skilled personnel, who have accumulated over twenty years of experience and expertise, its distinguished international partnerships and choices, and continued market research.
•  The top quality of its products achieved through the use of state-of-the-art cutting and polishing equipment, and the experience and dedication of its staff.
•  The ongoing renewal and expansion of the range of decorative materials which includes products capable of meeting the existing and new requirements of end consumers and sector professionals, as well as providing new ideas and application capabilities.
•  Ensuring a high level of availability for all its products, thanks to its highly organized and fully stocked warehouses and by responding quickly to new international orders. 
•  The development of its commercial network in conjunction with the top quality of its pre- and after-sales services and the advanced level of its distribution and delivery services.
•  Its internationally competitive product prices.

The company employs 56 persons in Greece (data: December 2015) and more than 150 worldwide.

Since 2000, Hellenic Granite Co. has applied a Quality Management System certified by Bureau Veritas in accordance to ISO 9001.  The company has taken all necessary actions to be eligible to use the CE mark on its products, as required by European and Greek legislation.

Hellenic Granite Co. is the largest producer and importer of granite and other natual or artificial decorative stones in the Greek market.
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