Is there radioactivity in granites?

The Hellenic Granite Co. would like to offer the following clarifications in view of certain “directed” and, as a rule, “premeditated” rumors which appear to connect granite rocks to radioactivity.
Radioactivity is emitted by, literally, all natural and man-made materials; this is a natural process relating to the origin and creation of all kinds of stones and materials. It is by no means linked to granite in particular any more than it is to marble, quartz, ceramic materials, bricks, mortars or concrete components, materials which could all be responsible for high radioactivity emissions if not subjected to relevant testing and processing methods.
As a result, there are strict Greek and international regulations which define maximum emission limits for construction materials in general and not, of course, for granite in particular. All granite products readily available on the Greek market are well below existing limits, as confirmed by relevant certification issued by accredited international and Greek laboratories, institutes and universities. Certain Russian and Ukrainian granites, which have presented high levels of radioactivity and are, possibly, responsible for the aforementioned rumors, have never been imported to Greece.

Finally, it should be noted that granite use is widely prevalent throughout Western Europe (more than ten times the level of granite use in Greece) and is increasing further. This is evident during any visit to a Western European country (Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Norway, etc.), from airports to hotels, malls and monuments or churches, or during a visit to a private house where the use of granite is prevalent in kitchen and bathroom applications. We are all aware of the strict controls applied in these countries and how meticulously such controls are implemented. In fact, there are countries in which granite is the only hard rock available; entire cities have been built on granite sites, and it is widely used not only for decorative purposes, but also in concrete preparation, the manufacture of stones used for construction purposes, as well as in road construction and other large construction projects.
All granites imported by our company and distributed on the Greek market are subject to radioactivity testing by “Demokritos”, the competent Greek laboratory, and are certified regarding their suitability for domestic and other purposes.

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