Finland quarry

Since 2000 the Finnish company Granicon has been a member of the Hellenic Granite Company Group. Granicon, based in the city of Lappeenranta in Southeast Finland, exploits granite deposits and has three active quarries in the regions of Yleema, Virolahti and Luumaki. The annual production exceeds 20,000 m3 of granite. The company aims at further increasing the production via new investments in equipment and cutting-edge technology in order to cover increasing demand.

Granicon quarries the famous granites Carmen Red and Baltic Brown. Carmen Red granite, whose biggest supplier internationally is Granicon, has been related to the great times of renaissance architecture in Northern Europe and the Russian Empire, while the Baltic Brown granite is internationally acknowledged as the alltime top quality brown granite. Granicon products are exported mainly to Europe, China, South Korea, India and countries of Northern Africa.
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