Hellenic Granite co promotes safe internet
The Company issued 900 copies of the book "Child and Internet». The book "Child and Internet» gives special attention to the influence of the
Internet on child's character , personal life, interpersonal relationships and sexuality of children, while describing the dangers of violence, crime, pornography, pedophilia and gambling. Finally, the book analyzes the Internet addiction and gives basic guidelines for safe navigation of children in the Internet.
To celebrate the sponsorship, General Director Hellenic Granite Co Mr.. Stamatis Papastamatis said: "Hellenic Granite co., as part of its activities relating to corporate social responsibility, has decided to support this important effort, which is aimed at protecting our children from the dangers of the Internet, in order to give them a creative and safe connection to the Internet. "
Hellenic Granite co, offered to teachers serving in inaccessible schools throughout the country, the book "Child and Internet»
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